Jose Feliciano
"More and more, our future success as financial advisors is dependent on how quickly we adapt to the needs of the marketplace and, more importantly, the specific demands of our clients."

~ Jose Feliciano
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Jose Speaks

“We were thrilled to have Jose speak at our business workshop.  We were engaged by his dynamic delivery, connected with his personal stories, and were all inspired by the questions he challenged us with. The feedback we received from the workshop participants was extremely positive. Jose did an excellent job tailoring his message to our group. He clearly is on a mission to see everyone become the very best version of themselves.”
     Mechele Mills

"Your keynote to the Chamber of Commerce Organization was individually touching, even though we were such a large audience.  I spoke to several business leaders and we especially appreciate the life lesson of 'JUST BE'! Powerful!  "

May God's blessings continue to be on your life and business!

     Pastor David Butler
     Member of the National Chamber of Commerce

“Wow, what a great luncheon we had yesterday ... we had several discussions at length about the idea of “Just Be!” and how we can better remember that, and implement it into our own lives. You really made an impression on each one of us. Thank you so much!”
     Brittany Traylor
     Gorham Inc.

“His ability to inspire is part of the reason I tackled my forth Olympics.”
     Ruben Gonzalez
    Four-Time U.S. Olympian

“When we look at what’s possible, with passion, we begin to shift from believing to knowing. Jose takes us on a journey that teaches us how.”
     LuAn Mitchell
     Best Selling Author

“Jose teaches that without passion for possibility – dreams and magnificence could not exist”
     Greg S. Reid

Partial Client List

  • Million Dollar Roundtable (MDRT)
  • FICP
  • General Services Administration
  • Napoleon Hill Foundation
  • Texas Builders Association
  • Three Feet from Gold, Los Angeles
  • Napoleon Hill Foundation, Malaysia
  • Napoleon Hill Foundation, Ireland
  • Association for Home & Hospice Care
  • Rotary Club, Young Citizens
  • Texas Toastmasters
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Lon Morris College
  • South Carolina Home Care Association
  • American Institute of Architects
  • Society for Design Administration

Jose Feliciano - Famous Amos Cookieswith Wally "Famous" Amos
Jose Feliciano - Frank Maguirewith Frank Maguire co-founder of FedEx
Jose Feliciano Jr. - Jose Feliciano Entertainerwith the other Jose Feliciano
Jose Feliciano Jr. - Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup of the Soulwith Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup of the Soul