Jose Feliciano
"More and more, our future success as financial advisors is dependent on how quickly we adapt to the needs of the marketplace and, more importantly, the specific demands of our clients."

~ Jose Feliciano
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Passion for Possibility

Commitment, Communications, and Hidden Opportunities

PASSION FOR POSSIBILITY invites you to look at the world through the eyes of Jose Feliciano. Having learned the art of communication from two deaf parents, he has gone on to prove that the American dream is alive and well and flourishing. His keynote address Passion for Possibility gives insight into a mind that consistently answers each opportunity in life with an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Commitment:  “There are 168 hours in a week, 56 of which, on average, are spent sleeping – leaving us about 112 hours each week to play with.  And although there has always been 168 hours in a week, we are all lucky enough to be living in a world where technology has made us more productive. Now, rapid transportation hasn’t created more time, but it has given us back some of the time we spent getting there and back. The Internet hasn’t created more time either, but it has given us back some of the time we spent doing research and getting access to important materials, by simply giving us the ability to communicate with our family and friends and clients instantly with the touch of a button. Yet, with all this new found efficiency, we all seem to be busier than ever…”

Communications: “Relationships are shared experiences. The reason why a movie seems better at a big theater than watching it on TV at home is a direct result of the shared experience. Something that you find laugh-out-loud funny in a movie theater with 300 strangers is not as funny watching that same scene alone. In the book The Secret, which is one in a long list of self- improvement books, the author explains how to get exactly what we want. Of course getting exactly what we want means different things to different people - but the one thing it points out over and over again is that our focus determines our outcome and it seems that this is a recurrent theme…”

Hidden Opportunities: Finding the hidden opportunities within ourselves goes a long way to overcoming fear, and learning to respect self-doubt. Doubt, not fear, is the enemy that can keep us from succeeding. Doubt is the father of our negative emotions, and the thief that can steals our dreams. Over time, Doubt can bring out the worst in us, and kill off the magnificent. And, worst of all, without reflection, Doubt can convince us that, "It’s impossible. It can’t be done." Doubt is insidious, and quietly nurtured over the years, and without taking the steps to recognize, control, and overcome Doubt -- we are all being set-up for failure.
Jose Feliciano - Keynote SpeakerJose Feliciano - Keynote Speaker Jose Feliciano - Keynote Speaker