Jose Feliciano
"More and more, our future success as financial advisors is dependent on how quickly we adapt to the needs of the marketplace and, more importantly, the specific demands of our clients."

~ Jose Feliciano
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Annuity News - Moved by MentorsAnnuity News Article

Moved By Mentors
By Linda Koco

Three platform speakers at MDRT’s 84th annual meeting addressed the powerful impact that mentors have had on the lives of people in various walks of life.

Incoming MDRT President Jennifer A. Borislow said her mentor was Gene Durand, a leading general agent from John Hancock who hired her when she herself was a young woman, age 22 and just out of college.

“He changed my life,” she said. Durand told her the work would be hard but that he would be by her side, she recalled. He did exactly that, she continued, by offering support and encouragement, providing training, and instilling values such at patience and trust... Click to Download Complete Article - PDF 131KB

Committ to Your FutureMDRT Round the Table Magazine

Commit to Your Future
By Jose Anselmo Feliciano

Keeping pace with change requires a renewed commitment to clients and industry. Our profession is plagued with uncertainty. Changes in health care and a volatile investment environment are giving pause to those considering our profession, as well as causing smaller producers to leave the industry. Now is the time for us to refocus and recommit ourselves to our profession and clients.

What many of us have forgotten — and some have not yet experienced in their professional lives — is that changes in the financial services industry are a constant. Many seasoned advisors who are now at the end of their careers tell me the business they began 30 years ago is all but unrecognizable when compared to today’s multi-service agencies.

So, fasten your seatbelts. Our industry is evolving with every new piece of legislation that is enacted, with every new development and with every new market transition. Most importantly, the companies we work for are changing the way they do business, as well. Industry experts do not know how our business might change, or what the future holds. Rather than retreat, now is the time to reassess the structure of our existing business and refocus on the basics ... Click to Download Complete Article - PDF 222KB

Managing It All

MDRT Round the Table Magazine

Managing It All
By Jose Anselmo Feliciano

During the past 10 years, technology has rocked our world and has been a driving force in our clients’ continuing evolution. No longer can we simply serve our clients and grow our business without recognizing and embracing this global mindset shift.

Initially, many prospects believe that having access to endless information on the Internet will allow them to “do it themselves.” Most very quickly give up for two reasons: They are overwhelmed with the available options, and they are unable to invest the time required to educate themselves on the nuances of financial planning. Those endless variations, as well as being bombarded daily with details on the economy and advertisements for the next best investment vehicle of the month, can leave our clients confused with no idea where to begin. Confused clients have a tendency to do no harm by simply taking no action ... Click to Download Complete Article - PDF 216KB